Thursday, March 29, 2007

63 figures...and counting!

I got a chance to go over BAR, and I must admit to being intrigued. The idea of maneuvering a 63-figure battalion has me itching to give this a try. However, until the Landgraf's drafts arrive, I will have some of the Prussian battalions demonstrate to me.

A note about the rules: they are not presented in the common manner. After the introductory information, unit composition, and army building guidelines the rules are laid out alphabetically. Yep, that's right, alphabetically: from Aides de Camp to Wargames Tables.

This is not a criticism, just an observation. The rules are intended to be played with the Quick Reference Sheets, and not the book. But I wonder that this might be a set that needs to be taught by someone experienced with them, rather than learned straight from the book. Hopefully I will get a chance this weekend to try.

I almost broke out Microsoft Excel to start scheming my armies. Oops, don't let the Landgraf see that! But I have always been a little like Hal Thinglum in his sadly defunct MWAN, in that planning, plotting, and scheming new wargames armies and their organization has been a big part of my enjoyment of this hobby.

Now the tough decision will be to rebase any of my existing figures!


Bill Protz said...

Hi Ed,
Just follow the sequence of activities per turn shown in the upper right hand corner of page 1 of either set of Quick Reference Charts.
Bon Chance,
Bill Protz

Ed Youngstrom said...

Thanks Bill, I see that.

But it took me a few minutes to figure out WHY I would need to "morale, if needed."

No criticism intended, just observation: these are rules designed to be played with the QRS, umpired/helped by someone already familiar with them. I didn't even realize there were playing cards involved until a few moments ago!


I have zero problem with that, but suspect it will be difficult for some people to pick up without live guidance.