Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Flaky Flakiness...

Do you have the wargamer's ferret syndrome? Where you chase after bright new shiny things even though you have plenty of projects awaiting completion?

Right now I'm waiting to receive my copy of Bill Protz's Batailles de l'Ancien RĂ©gime 1740-1763. Once I have that, I will put in my RSM order, making sure the figures will meet both the BAR requirements and our local rules.

BUT in the meantime I've ordered a copy of Might and Reason, and several books about the American War of Indepence. This all started when I picked up a copy of Washington's Crossing from the library. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and am now casting about for another Lace Wars book that would be a good read. Any suggestions?

So I have also been browsing online AWI resources, and admiring the Perry Miniatures AWI line. So many figures, so little time!

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