Saturday, March 10, 2007

SYW Austrians

My idea for the Austrians is to have about a 25-33% numerical superiority over the Prussians. But as my interest in the period or specific units waxed and waned (“Oooo! Look at the pretty facings on THIS one!!”), I have not kept well to the plan.

1st Brigade (3 battalions)

IR1 Kaiser (2 bn)

IR Rot-Wurzburg (1 bn)

2nd Brigade (4 battalions)

IR7 Neipperg (2 bn)

IR14 Salm-Salm (2 bn)

3rd Brigade (4 battalions)

IR12 Moltke (2 bn)

IR37 Esterhazy (2 bn) (Hungarian)

4th Brigade (3 battalions)

IR16 Konigsegg (1 bn)

IR42 Gaisruck (2 bn)

Cuirassier Brigade (15 squadrons)

CRiii Modena (5 sqd)

CR12 Serbelloni (5 sqd)

CR4 Ferdinand (5 sqd)

Dragoon Brigade (10 squadrons)

DR9 Savoy (5 sqd) (not yet complete)

DR31 De Ligne (5 sqd)

Artillery Brigade

1st Artillery Battery

2nd Artillery Battery

3rd Artillery Battery (not yet complete)

Again, the base battalion is 24 figures on four stands, plus another stand of grenadiers. However, I have not converged the Austrian grenadiers and therefore a four battalion brigade of Austrians is 120 figures strong, as opposed to 96 in a similar Prussian brigade. In addition, IR1 Kaiser is over-strength at 72 figures and is therefore brigaded with my Wurzburg battalion which has no grenadiers.

Figures are predominantly Old Glory, but include Hinchliffe, Crusader, Front Rank, and Falcon.

The Austrians field 14 battalions compared to 17 Prussian, but have 420 figures compared to 408 Prussians. Still, I need to beef up the Austrian infantry. They do enjoy a substantial cavalry advantage of 25 squadrons to 14.

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