Monday, April 2, 2007

The First Order for the Army of Hesse-Fedora

To His Excellency the Landgraf von Hesse-Fedora,

Per your Excellency's instructions dated March the 14th, 1757 (2007 by Hesse-Fedora reckoning), I have this afternoon ordered the smithies of RSM and the Dayton Painting Consortium to provide the raw materials for the Leib Regiment of Foot and the troopers of the Garde du Corps.

I will keep your Excellency informed of the troop's arrival and progress in fitting out.

I have the honour to be your loyal servant,

Linus von Larrabee, QMG


Bluebear Jeff said...

To His Excellency the Landgraf von Hesse-Fedora,

It is our understanding that you are recruiting some troops from the RSM region.

We have also done so a number of times and have found them to be a most satisfactory source of troops.

Hopefully our two countries will never find ourselves on the opposite sides of a field of battle as we wish nothing but the best for your nation.

-- Bruno V of Saxe-Bearstein

by his secretary, Bluebear Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Ed Youngstrom said...

To His Excellency Bruno of Saxe-Bearstein,

Likewise, it is our wish to not be forced into conflict with your growing military. Naturally, this will depend on various external factors such as Imperial successions, religious wars, subsidy contracts, or wargame conventions.

It would be especially sad for the sons of DPC to be forced to spill each other's leaden blood.

It is our wish that perhaps someday our troops can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in some glorious cause resulting in magnificent poems and monuments to our memories.

By order of Humphrey I

Bruce von Bennet, Ambassador-designate to the court of Saxe-Bearstein

Note: I drew up a list of the various actors in my favorite Bogey movies and started listing them as "ambassadors."