Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RSM recruits arrive

Ah, the joy of that simple little box in the mail! I came home from an extended weekend trip to the coast (no computer, no phone) and found the first shipment had arrived from RSM.

These are beautiful castings. Well, duh, everyone has been saying that. And I even have a few in my collection already (British guns, gunners, and limbers that I bought from RSM at Cold Wars back in "double aught"). Now if I can just motivate myself to paint them!

Over the weekend my miniature gaming-related activity was limited to two areas: reading and planning.

The reading material was Christopher Ward's reprinted The War of the Revolution, which was recommended over on TMP. The book is a single-volume reprint, available at most local Barnes & Noble stores in the "value" section. I also had Greg Novak's two-volume The American War of Independence: A Guide to the Armies of the American War of Independence which is from Old Glory. Although I enjoyed the information in Novak's books, it is sadly full of typographical errors in the prose, which tends to make me wonder how many there are in all of the tables of organization and orders of battle.

The other activity, planning, might be more properly termed "plotting and scheming." Among the topics were, in no specific order:

1. How to get to Little Wars or the OSW Big Battalion game
2. Whether or not 4 regiments of Austrian infantry, BAR-style, would be a good start (since the Fedorans will hopefully muster 4 line, 2 grenadier, and a jager battalion, it sounds good!)
3. Hope impressive a BAR battalion from the Reichsarmee would look...or not

But, first things first. Let's get one unit painted!


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is surprising how much painting you can get done even in little spurts ONCE YOU START.

Which is why I heartily encourage all to get their figures primed . . . even if you don't plan on getting to them for a while.

Once they are primed, you can paint them if the mood strikes . . . but if they aren't primed, that mood is wasted.

So, I urge you to get everything primed now . . . then paint what appeals to you.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Congrats on your reciept of the RSM95 figures! It is exciting when stuff like that arrives. Now, what colors will you paint them?

I second Jeff's painting comments. The main thing is to sit down and paint, even if its for only 30-45 mintes per evening. And I say that as a first class procrastinater myself. ;-)

Just imagine th pride you'll feel getting that first company of infantry or squadron of cavalry all finished. And best of all, you can share photos of your work right here!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Does RSM make a Lauren Bacall figure by any chance?

Ed Youngstrom said...

Sadly, no Lauren. However, check out Pulp Figures...

These will be the Leib Regiment (Bogey's Own) and the Garde du Corps. And I hope to get them primed this weekend.