Sunday, July 1, 2007

Uniforms of the Landgraviate

Like many of the Zwergstaaten of the era (see Emperor vs. Elector), Landgraf Bogey has retained David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder to prepare templates for the army's uniforms.

Herr Linienblatt even presented the Landgraf with a set of uniform designs at the Landgraf's express request, for which Bogey presented the first issue of the Cross of the Legion of the Maltese Falcon to a non-Fedoran.

Sadly, the Landgraf has been forced to whip the secretary who delivered the request, as the newly presented uniforms have the "Prussian" cuff. It turns out the Landgraf did in fact want the "Swedish" cuff for his troops.

Here Linienblatt's templates remain the basis for the Landgraviate's uniforms, and herewith are presented the first results of the design.


David said...

I'm most grateful for the award, although a little confused by the brouhaha about the cuffs. I hope the secretary did not receive too brutal a whipping!

The uniforms look good! :-)


David said...

Until the real thing turns up I've done a mock-up of the award on my blog. :-)


abdul666 said...

thanks for sharing your designs with us!
But you know us: now we are waiting for the (3?) other foot regiments planned in Hesse-Fedoran service, and wondering about the Mounted Arm....

Stokes Schwartz said...


Very attractive uniforms you've designed there. If will be neat to see them in 3D on some figures eventually.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Ed Youngstrom said...


Actually, those were designed by someone in Braunschweig. They are the actual uniforms of Zastrow (yellow), Behr (red) and Imhoff (white) and the Brunswick jagers.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to do Leib, which has 8 laced buttons spread evenly, then on to the drummers.


David said...

If you can wait until tomorrow evening (my time is around 7 hours ahead of you) I can probably rustle something up for the Leib Regiment.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't care who designed them, they look very good.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Braunschweig? From the same 'area' as the Duchy of Hangover and Grand Duchy of Argonne?
No matter, they look quite good - and the Leib regiment has is privilegied status announced by its very uniform.