Monday, September 3, 2007

September already?

Although obviously intended mainly for my Hesse-Fedora project, I also intended that this blog would cover my other gaming interests. Now, here it is September already, and I had only a single post in August! So, what's been happening on the toy soldier front?

First, I have spent most of my gaming time preparing for the big Napoleonic game that my friend Ray and I have scheduled for Millennium Con X in Austin, TX on November 10. To that end, I've been basing figures and making movement trays. Sadly, we have decided to make one modification to the rules, and are using 2-deep figures to represent a line, that changes the basing for columns as well. Of course, all of my movement trays were already built for columns using the original rules...C'est la guerre!

I am fielding a reinforced French corps at 30:1. There are 25 battalions, 30 squadrons, and 21 miniature guns, about 800 figures all told. A complete OB is at Huzzah!

Here are some of the Napleonics:


French 13th Cuirassiers

Most of the corps...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ed, that's a lot of lead.

But I urge you NOT to give in to the "dark side" and forget the true joys of the three-cornered hat.

Have fun . . . but return to your tricorne boys.

-- Jeff

David said...

Here, here!


MurdocK said...


I hope that all goes well in your games!

I understand your 'rebasing' woes and have undertaken a change in basing system for my own troops.

In the future all I will need to re-base is a few weeks notice, some metal and 'flocking' paper.