Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hobby musings; or megalomania sets in

I've been toying with my figures and various catalogs, when I should be off basing figures.

Anyway, I'm kind of enamored with M. Chevert-Protz's "have you and your buddies build a small force idea." Obviously, the Big Game at Millennium Con in 2008 will have lots of participation.

But I'm thinking about my own collection, and adding to it in "brigade" size chunks.

Disregarding my previous collection, my plan is to build up the Hesse-Fedorans to 4 big battalions, a small jager contingent, 4 guns, and 2 squadrons each of Karabiniers, Dragoons, and Hussars. Basically, the Brunswick army.

The Hesse-Homburgers, who look suspiciously Austrian, will be about the same size.

That's where things started getting out of hand.

I have enough Eureka War of the Austrian Succession Dutch ordered to make 3 battalions of foot (54 figures each), 2 squadrons, and 2 guns.

Next, I think I'll be getting the Eureka Saxons, but with an extra cavalry regiment.

So, what next? I don't have any Russians or Hanoverians at all, and no British, French, or real Prussians specifically for this scale.

And part of me is just screaming to do a 10:1 Reichsarmee battalion from Franconia or Swabia. You know, the ones with 40 or 60 different contingents? I'm thinking of buying ones and twos of extra figures from every manufacturer, and clumping them together into one rather ugly battalion...

Anyway, I've now ordered or dreamed of ordering enough figures to keep me busy for a couple years.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Ed, that sounds like quite a lot of fun . . . lots of different uniforms to paint too.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

You could even seize this opportunity take the plunge and 'infiltrate' a fictitious unit in an uniform of your own design: among such (historically accurate) bewildering diversity, *who* will spot it?

Der Alte Fritz said...

Quite an ambitious plan. I hope that you are retired and have the time to paint all of the planned armies (that's my dream, one day, anyway). See, there is no end to what one can do just by sticking with the 18th Century