Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Plans are afoot

And horse and guns, too, for that matter.

First, apologies for lack of updates on the painted figures front because there isn't any.

Plotting and scheming has been my major wargame activity, since it can take place during such mundane activities as company Christmas parties and the 45 minute commute to work. Painting just doesn't work as well.

I was able to get the figures to flesh out my British battalions to 48 figures each, including 8 grenadiers per battalion. I have managed to rebase another couple cavalry units onto single bases, but none are terrained yet.

News has reached me of potential additions to the recruits from the Kingdom of Lederhosen. In a message to the UK Big Battalions group, Frank let slip the imminent release of Austrian infantry figures. So, the Prince of Hesse-Homburg has taken to updating his order of battle. This is purely wishful thinking at this point until I get the other projects cleared up.

I'm also looking forward to delivery of my copy of the new edition of "The Wargame" by Charles Grant, released by Ken Trotman Books. That will definitely fire up the motivation!

Look for a press release from the Homburgische Kriegsrat soon.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Morning Ed,

Office Christmas parties mundane? Oh, surely you jest! ;-)

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

" "The Wargame" by Charles Grant, released by Ken Trotman Books."

I'll have to look for that. Now if someone would only reprint "Charge!" (and Featherstone's books, and, and....).

tidders said...

Thnaks for the info on the reprint of "The Wargame" by Charles Grant.

-- Allan

Ed Youngstrom said...

Glad to help.

I even had a non-gamer friend send me an email about the release of the new edition!!


Der Alte Fritz said...

Charge was reprinted. You can still buy it from Caliver or On Military Matters in the US.

Fitz-Badger said...

Der Alte Fritz,
Thanks for the tip! But I can't find Charge on either of those sites. Searches in other places have only turned up $100+ copies of the book (I assumed they were the original; didn't know there had been a reprint, if you'll excuse my ignorance). More than I want to pay, even for a wargaming classic.
(my search skills are not very strong - I couldn't find a way to search for stuff on the On Military Matters site)
well, off to winter quarters for a couple of weeks :-)
Happy Holidays, all!

Ed Youngstrom said...

I must admit that I can't find a copy of "Charge! Or How to Play Wargames" at either of those sites.

My copy of "The Wargame" arrived Friday!! Woo hoo!