Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Da Lead! Da Lead!

It certainly can build up when one isn’t paying attention, can’t it? As usual, my ambitions and toy soldier-acquisition have far outstripped my painting speed and contract painting service budget!

My Brunswick/Fedora project is mostly complete except for the Landgrafin’s Fusiliers still are unfinished, and some basing is left for other units. However, my other projects are not so far advanced.

I have been rebasing my figures from six figures in two ranks onto single bases. That way I can play any of several rule sets simply by using movement stands. Most of the Austrians and roughly half of the Prussians are rebased, but the British and French are not even started.

Then there is the Pile o’ Lead. On top are the Landgrafin’s Fusiliers, which are at least started. Next is a company of Eureka Arquebusiers de Grassin.

After that, I have three battalions of Eureka Saxons with guns, a Minden Prussian battalion that shall become the first battalion of the Prince-Bishop of Zwischen-Andere, a Minden battalion for Hesse-Homburg, and a newly ordered brigade of Venture Miniatures Hanoverians. That’s around 500 foot and over 50 mounted.

Plus I have my Eureka 100 club figures that will be delivered over the next few months: 4 regiments of Saxon cavalry and a big force of Dutch.

So much lead…


MurdocK said...

Yes that great pile-o-lead does seem to breed...more lead!

Having an event or battle to aim for, like any goal, will help in setting your sights firmly on what needs painting, and what can wait.

abdul666 said...

"So much lead…"
But for us, so many pics of new regiments to discover (incl. the whole army of Hesse-Hombourg)!


Martin said...

Hey Ed,

Don't look at the whole pile, otherwise you just end up looking like Sam and Frodo going up Mt. Doom. Pace yourself and take it one figure at a time. If anyone objects, just tell them it's recovery therapy from your tumble. HA HA



Ed Youngstrom said...

Sadly, SWMBO is involved in a new project...and my painting table just became part of the new fabric cutting table!

So, after 2.5 years of neglect, all of my paints, etc. have been moved into a new location...maybe THAT will get me motivated!

And to Jean-Louis: patience, sir! They're coming! Just, ah, slowly!


Bluebear Jeff said...


Be it known that your "lead backlog" is very little compared to some of us.

I have far too many LARGE armies of lead waiting for my brush . . . *sigh*.

-- Jeff

Ed Youngstrom said...

Ummm....that's just the 25mm SYW.

Then there's the:

25mm DBA
15mm DBA
25mm WSS
15mm WSS
15mm SYW
25mm Napoleonics
15mm Napoleonics
25mm WW2
15mm WW2
...and a few other odds and ends.

Oh, and just ordered a bunch of Three Musketeers.

And then there a several hundred GW Lord of the Rings figures...

Der Alte Fritz said...

Ed: I wanted to thank you for all of your support of the miniatures figure industry. All of the companies are most pleased by your efforts. Seriously though, thanks for helping out on the various Eureka 100 Club items (Dutch and Saxons, etc). The good news is that it will take Mr. Marsh some time to sculpt all of the figures in both armies, so that should give our pocket books some respite.

I would expect that the Saxon cavalry will be ready late May or early June, with the Dutch to follow later in the year. Nic tells me that the mounted Arquebusiers de Grassin have the green light to go into production later in the year, along with SYW French, British and Spanish infantry. Yikes, that is a lot of stuff, so pace yourself lad.



Ed Youngstrom said...

Herr Alte,

It's been more than a few years since anyone called me "lad," but your main point about the lead is well taken.

Note to self: don't tell them about the order for Old School Miniatures from Oozlum...