Monday, June 30, 2008

Two months?! And a request for help

Wow, where in the world has two months gone? I've got a bunch of troops based up over the last few weeks, but not much else has been accomplished on the ImagiNation front.

I wrote up a post on my favorite wargames articles, but must have left it on the other thumb drive. I'll post it tomorrow.

In the meantime, does anyone have a copy of Military Modelling Manual 1983? I would like to get a copy to peruse Charles Grant's article, 'Generals, their Personalities and Staff in Wargames.'

Also, I'm looking to get a copy of Practical Wargamer, September/October 1994 for the article on 'Mainz 1792.'

Finally, can anyone give a comparative review of Don Featherstone's "Solo Wargaming" to Stuart Asquith's "The Partizan Press Guide to Solo Wargaming?" The Asquith version is much more accessible, and I'm looking for some pointers in this direction.



Martin said...

Hi Ed,

Good to see you posting again. I need my Hesse-Fedora fix on a more regular basis.



Ed Youngstrom said...

Hi Martin,

Glad to be back!