Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Awarding Battle Honors (Honours)

So far I've only been able to get in two (2) games of BAR. The first was a solo run through, the second was the game I hosted at ChimaeraCon 2008. Several units had noteworthy performances, and I was writing up some fluff for battle honors when it occurred to me: the Hesse-Fedorans LOST at the second battle.

So, what to do? No army wants to memorialize a defeat that served little purpose. But two units of the Fedoran army distinguished themselves during the battle. (We won't mention one that, ahhhh, did not.)

So, are "honours" just for the unit, or must the army do well in order to recognize the individual?


Martin said...

Hi Ed,

Just as the Regimental Standards provided a recognizable rallying point for the Regiments in the heat of battle, they also provided a unique record of the regiment's achievements, independent of the army's wins or losses. (Many a Union Regiment proudly carried 1st Bull Run, 2nd Bull Run, Fredricksburg, and the Seven Days on their standards.)

So if your two units went above and beyond, their deeds of valor should be commemorated.



Capt Bill said...

I agree, unit histories are essential!

Bluebear Jeff said...

For our local "Wars for Arcadian Glory" battles, winners get to award up to 25% of their units "Battle Honours" . . . and the opponent gets to add a further one to that.

We have not been awarding anything to the losers . . . BUT I don't see why we shouldn't. I actually like the idea. If a player thinks that a unit has done well, why not reward it with a Battle Honour?

-- Jeff