Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soldiers of Gallia

General Chevert-Protz has ordered Louis Renault, Comte de Maison-Blanche, to take charge of a column and move into Mittel-Nirgendwo. Renault's orders are to offer his assistance to the Imperial general von Blei-Sammeln, and to sustain his soldiers from the bounty of those lands.

Although the Comte de Maison-Blanche was not himself able to attend, his units paraded before departing.

Regiment Conde

Regiment La Sarre

Regiment Royal Allemand

Regiment Raugrave

Royal Artillery

The Britannian Contingent

Major General Sir Harald Dawes reviewed his command on this hot Sunday afternoon.

11th Foot, with Sir Harald.

20th Foot is reviewed by Sir Harald.

The 37th Foot gets their turn with the commander.

The combined grenadiers--the cream of this little army.

And finally, Sir Harald looks at the artillery.

37th Foot and Fedoran Hussar Patrol

Just a couple pics to see how the set up looks.