Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raising a new unit!

For those of you who haven't picked up on it yet, I really don't like painting. Sure, the figures I have actually painted don't look bad, and I am usually happy in the end. But the process is not usually pretty.

But, hold your breath now, I'm going to paint a brand new unit in time for Millennium Con in November. I've had the Fedoran Landgrafin's Fusiliers staring at me for too long, but they're moving to the back of the line. The Imperium needs help!

So, I will paint up a 66-figure regiment of Minden Austrians. By the way...FANTASTIC figures, Frank!!

Here they are in their naked, just mustered-in glory:

They will be painted as the Furstenthal Regiment of Graf Prosper von Furstenthal. Who, amazingly enough, has this interesting red-vested look going for them:

Wish me luck! I will post updates as to their progress.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

OSW weekend

Over on the OSW Yahoo group, it was asked what people were up to this weekend.

In my case, I was rebasing troops. LOTS of troops:

  • Four 60-figure 30:1 Prussian regiments into 4 BAR Germanian Battalions (2 musketeer, 2 fusilier with grenadier companies included)

  • One 24-figure Prussian Standing Grenadier battalion into half of a BAR Germanian battalion

  • 24 Prussian cuirassiers

  • 30 Austrian cuirassiers

  • 16 assorted mounted general officers

They look marvellous, and once I get the table cleared, the photos will follow.

I also made up ~40 movement trays for BAR out of thick card, paper steel, and green paint.

Note to Jean-Louis:

Snibor-Renraw is the ImagiNation of my friend Ray. The troops will be Eureka Dutch War of the Austrian Succession.