Sunday, September 21, 2008

OSW weekend

Over on the OSW Yahoo group, it was asked what people were up to this weekend.

In my case, I was rebasing troops. LOTS of troops:

  • Four 60-figure 30:1 Prussian regiments into 4 BAR Germanian Battalions (2 musketeer, 2 fusilier with grenadier companies included)

  • One 24-figure Prussian Standing Grenadier battalion into half of a BAR Germanian battalion

  • 24 Prussian cuirassiers

  • 30 Austrian cuirassiers

  • 16 assorted mounted general officers

They look marvellous, and once I get the table cleared, the photos will follow.

I also made up ~40 movement trays for BAR out of thick card, paper steel, and green paint.

Note to Jean-Louis:

Snibor-Renraw is the ImagiNation of my friend Ray. The troops will be Eureka Dutch War of the Austrian Succession.


Frankfurter said...

Wish I was mobile enough to get into a few of the big battles!
I'd love to see a lot of the stuff you guys are doing in person.

tidders said...

Your are going to be a busy chap; rebasing can be tedious.


-- Allan

Ed Youngstrom said...


I WAS a busy chap. I rebased almost my entire collection (30+ battalions) to single bases over the last year. Whew!