Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raising a new unit!

For those of you who haven't picked up on it yet, I really don't like painting. Sure, the figures I have actually painted don't look bad, and I am usually happy in the end. But the process is not usually pretty.

But, hold your breath now, I'm going to paint a brand new unit in time for Millennium Con in November. I've had the Fedoran Landgrafin's Fusiliers staring at me for too long, but they're moving to the back of the line. The Imperium needs help!

So, I will paint up a 66-figure regiment of Minden Austrians. By the way...FANTASTIC figures, Frank!!

Here they are in their naked, just mustered-in glory:

They will be painted as the Furstenthal Regiment of Graf Prosper von Furstenthal. Who, amazingly enough, has this interesting red-vested look going for them:

Wish me luck! I will post updates as to their progress.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They sure do look impressive when lined up like that . . . and they'll look even better when they are all dressed up in those "Canadian colors" (think of our maple leaf flag).

Please keep us updated with your painting progress.

-- Jeff

Jerry said...

Big battalion. Nice figures. Good looking uniforms. Luck in battle boys!

Frankfurter said...

You're right.
Frank's figures are absolutely fantastic!
Have fun painting!

MurdocK said...

I wish you plenty of free time and good lighting.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how they paint up. I bought 2 x 60 btns of Minden Austrians that I haven't gotten around to painting yet. I'm hoping that you will inspire me to raise the unit.

Martin said...

Stout-hearted looking lads, one and all. They'll no doubt make an impressive display in their first action and make ol' Frank proud. I second the motion for more photos of the painting/uniforming process.

abdul666 said...

Indeed Mindens in such an uniform will look good!
Yet I pity those poor Landgrafin's Fusiliers, still waiting to be properly uniformed. For sure they would be a precious compotent of any Kreis contingent sent to help the Empress!

Major Wittering said...

Frank's Mindens are indeed fantastic, and lovely to paint, too. However, I've found that the "Dallimore" three colour approach seems rather over the top for them, to my eye at least, because they're so delicate, so I'd recommend one of:
1) plain flat colours,
2) colours with a wash. I use a white undercoat, so tend to paint a "bright" colour over it, possibly with small highlights, and then a darker wash, such as one of the "magic dips". My "robins"
were done this way - you can see both the virtues and the slight infelicities that result from this approach on the pix here.
To my mind the "wash over bright" approach is also an old school technique - but maybe that's just me.

Stokes Schwartz said...


Terribly envious and pleased for you. Those Minden figures look marvelous en masse. I'm eager to observe the painting process. Enjoy yourself!

Best Regards,


Ed Youngstrom said...

Rats! This weekend was one of life's "let's forget about it" weekends.

So, the Mindens received their coat of white primer, and that's it.

The plan is to ink them tomorrow with a mix of Future Floor Wax and black ink.


tidders said...

Lovely looking figs; looking forward to seeing them finished.

Have fun painting them

-- Allan

CWT said...

I struggle with painting figures too - just to annoying! In fact, painting figures is my second-least favourite thing to do with them (it lost the top spot on the day I accidentally put my hand down on several fixed bayonets...)