Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mustering for departure

The two columns converging on Frankfurt both have taken the opportunity of a small defile to have a quick review of the troops. They have been told off into their brigades, and various contingents have been combined to form grenadier battalions, horse grenadier squadrons, and the like:

The Imperials:

And the Fedorans and their allies:

All in all, it took 14 boxes, most of them with two infantry or one cavalry brigade in them, to prepare the armies for the march north to Millenium Con!

Sorry for the blurry pictures...someday I'll figure out how to take a clear picture.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Ye need to invest in a tripod. That will fix the blurry picture problem. You could either buy a mini tripod for table top pix or a standard camera tripod (there is a universal mounting screw that works on all cameras).

Very impressive collection. You are at Fritzian levels with that lot. Congratulations on such a fine looking collection.

Fitz-Badger said...

Can't make out much, except that's a lot of soldiers!

ColCampbell50 said...


Looks grand. I'm really getting excited about this upcoming action!


Bluebear Jeff said...

A vast and most impressive collection of troops.

I look forward to LOTS of photos and a nice written account of the coming action.

-- Jeff

justMike said...

Well done my lad! His Majesty de ST. Maurice salutes you.

tidders said...

What a fabulous collection; looking forward to the battle report

-- Allan

Gallia said...

Prodigous. Astounding. Extraordinary. Singularly interesting and informative.

Frankfurter said...

Absolutely gorgeous collection.
Really disappointing that I won't be there to roll dice at them in person!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Incredible, so many minis, wow!!!