Saturday, July 18, 2009

The lead pile stirs

Note to self: No more saying/writing/blogging/thinking that things are getting better. It is best not to tempt fate that way.

That said, I have come to the conclusion that painting big battalions is just not going to happen any time soon. I'll be doing good to get the ones I have based!

So, the lead pile was raided today. My Eureka Arquebusiers de Grassin and two regiments of Austrians from Minden Miniatures are packed and will head off for painting on Monday. That reduces the pile by 152 figures. Although I need to order some mounted colonels from Frank.

Sending off this order leaves a regiment each of Minden Prussian fusiliers and musketeers, and two regiments of Old School Miniatures Prussian musketeers from Fighting 15s. Oh, and the newly-arrived Eureka Saxon horse.

Once these all get done, I would love to get more of the Minden Miniatures of various flavours, and some more Crusader Miniatures too. Of course, there are always plenty of other options out there, so we'll see. Checking the relative sizes of the Homburgers and their allies compared to the Landgraf and his allies reveals that the Electoral force needs more cavalry, the Imperials need more white-coated infantry of several flavors, and both sides are fairly even in the artillery arm.

Blogging about my armies just reminded me of one of those "Doh!" moments I recently experienced.

I was reading Charles S. Grant's various new books, The War Game Companion, Battlegames Table Top Teasers Vol 1, and Raid on St Michel. I was pondering how I could use them for some games, and was wondering the best way to represent the militia units in the books. (Quick summary: the militia units are half the size of regular units.) I contemplated ordering some of the Eureka "Ragged Continentals" and painting them up in various colors; that way they could stand in for any country that needed them.

That's when I realized that I already HAVE half-strength units (other that the obvious ploy of splitting "regular" units): my collection was originally for 24-figure units, and I have combined them into BAR-sized big battalions or purchased new ones at larger size. But I have four old units that were only 24 figures strong that I never up-sized. Voila! Instant militia! One is a Prussian Freibattalion, one is the Wurzburg Red battalion, and one each generic French and Spanish units. That was a satisfying discovery.

Which reminds me of my next game purchase: more bases. I must go count how many I need to order for the Dutch.



Capt Bill said...

Ed, what a great idea to use scruffy militia units for multiple armies. Note to self, need scruffies...

Ed Youngstrom said...

It seems like a good idea. For the most part, militia would only be called out to defend their hometowns or at least nearby. I doubt many militia units would be in the invasion forces. So the gamer can get by with just one side's "worth" of militia.

Until, of course, there is sufficient time to properly outfit scruffies for both sides!

abdul666 said...

A sound, practical idea indeed.
Now, looking forward to enjoy the battle reports!

andygamer said...

I'm glad to see you back and onto a good idea with the militia.