Saturday, November 28, 2009

Status Report

This morning saw the first figure-related gaming activity in months. I took a couple hours to start basing the figures that have been piling up over the last few months. Not exactly a thrill, but I was listening to the third installment of the View From The Veranda podcast.

This episode was about what is the inspiration behind wargaming. Some of the discussion was, as they say, “spot on” for me, while other parts were not the same as my experience. In particular, I came to miniature gaming from board wargames via Dungeons & Dragons. The first miniature game I played was a hypothetical post-Waterloo scenario using the rules Pas de Charge be George Nafziger.

So what have I accomplished, gaming wise? Not a whole lot, really, but today I got the sand glued down onto the bases for about 200 SYW figures for BAR. I have three regiments of Dutch WAS infantry, with two guns and two squadrons of horse, a regiment of the new Saxon Chevaulegers von Brühl, and a small force of Eureka Arquebusiers de Grassin all from Eureka Miniatures. I also have two regiments of Minden Miniatures Austrian infantry, one in pink facings and the other in red but painted as the Regiment von Fürstenberg.

Once this whole lot is ready, I’ll share some pics. The Mindens in particular look fabulous!

My reading stack has been piled with new rule books lately. I have Foundry’s Napoleon, Warlord Games’ Black Powder, and Sam Mustafa’s Lasalle. Hopefully when Ray visits over Christmas, we’ll give them all a test run.

On the technological side of the blog, this is my first entry using Windows Live Writer to compose the blog. So far it is very easy to use.

Ray and I attended Millenium Con XII in Austin, Texas in early November. The highlight of the con was playing in a Sharp Practice game by Faron Bell:


Ray and I definitely plan to play a few more games of Sharp Practice.

I have found what I think may be a “sweet spot” in my schedule: early Saturday and Sunday mornings. I hope to get in more basing, some painting, and weekly updates about them and whatever else is going on in gaming. See you then!


andygamer said...

Welcome back.

Ed said...


I got the whole bunch up to the stage where they just need a little drybrush and flock. It felt good to get something done!