Sunday, May 9, 2010

A gaming table!!

There has not been a lot to report over the last few months, but hopefully I can start adding some interesting bits over the coming weeks.

Ray and I have been bit by the Perry plastic Napoleonics bug, and I've also been investing in the start of a French Revolution collection from the marvelous Eureka Miniatures range.

But the exciting news (for me at any rate) is the installation of a gaming table. A friend of mine built a rough 4 foot by 8 foot table for his children in their play room, but now that they are teenagers he dismantled it and gave it to me. For a couple years, I had it in the garage, where it was used for gaming purposes exactly twice: the solo run through of the BAR rules known as the Battle of Konigstor and then again when I paraded the troops for the Big Battle SYW game a couple years ago.

But now I rearranged our upstairs "bonus room" and found space for the table in front of the windows! Hurrah! A permanent game table:

I am going to set up the table to play some learning scenarios for the various rules I have purchased lately. I am going to use the scenario Clarence posted for Republic to Empire.

I don't have Spanish, so I will probably use my Portuguese brigade as a stand-in. The scenario is intended for a 4 x 4, but I threw out a table-full of scenery just because I could! I does show that I need to get some 25mm battalion-scale hills, though.

Here's a couple other pics for fun:


A J said...

A permanent table? Oh lucky man! I'm green with envy. ;) The scenery is nice too. I particularly like that little tor with the tree and stone walling.

Ed said...

I bought that piece and the other walled fields at a Cold Wars years ago (2000 or 2001). I don't even remember the dealer's name, although I do remember that most of his stuff was AWI/ACW related. These were the most "generic" I could find.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bluebear Jeff said...

First let me say . . . Congratulations!

Next, please allow me to say that the table and terrain look splendid.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice terrain, too. Looks like a great setup.

Ed said...

Thanks guys!

I forgot to say in the main post, that I covered the table with a Woodland Scenics grass-green vinyl mat. I bought the mat ages ago on sale, but never used it. I'm not sure how well it well stand up to gaming. The mat really appears to be more suited for model railroad-style diorama use.

Having the table up has had the desired secondary effect of making me work on the minis. The Portuguese brigade, for example, has never had the bases finished. So this afternoon I coated them all with glue and ballast, and will try to get them finished up over the next few days. That is four line battalions, a cacadore battalion, two small cavalry regiments, and a foot battery.


CWT said...

Absolutely brilliant! I'm green with envy! :-)

Ed said...

Ouch. Who ever said that colorful language doesn't hurt?

tidders said...

Its nice to have a permanent setup. Great looking table and scenery

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

Good luck on the permanent table...a real bost to gaming for sure...looking forward to many a great battle fought on it!...Huzza!