Saturday, June 25, 2011

One down. How many to go?


So here is the first Prussian after his bath in white primer. I had hoped to use ArmyPainter blue spray, but it was not dark enough. I note, however, that they just came out with a darker shade that I might try for the Landwehr.


And here he is with basic colors blocked in. I can’t believe that it has been FOUR YEARS since I painted a figure! Let’s just say my brush skills are somewhat atrophied. Anyway, I decided on the unit will be the 10th Line (1st Silesian), so yellow collar and cuffs with white shoulder tabs.


And here it is with a brushed on coat of ArmyPainter Quickshade Strong. I am very pleased with how it looks at this stage, although these multi-megapixel cameras sure point out the spots you miss! It will need to be completely dry before I do a few highlights and the coat of Anti-Shine.

All in all, I’m quite pleased. I’ve never been a fast painter, nor a high quality one. But I will be proud to have a new unit from my own workbench for my games.



Martin said...

Hi Ed,

I think you're being too hard on yourself! He looks outstanding to me. The main thing is that you got him assembled, undercoated, and painted. Any perceived shortcomings will fade when he's in a unit on the tabletop.

Vorwarts! Gott Mit Uns!


Fitz-Badger said...

Martin is quite right. Looks very good. Multiple minis in a unit don't need to be painted to a high degree of detail. Who is going to see the whites of their eyes on the tabletop? ha ha

Ed said...

Thanks guys. I'm actually pretty happy with it and am looking forward to getting his fellows going.


CWF Game Cast said...

I hope you will update some more, soon. I like to read your blog and miss your updates.