Sunday, June 19, 2011

Part the second, or “He’s kept his focus for 24 hours…”

First, let me just say that the current score is:

  • Perry Brothers:  46
  • Ed:  0

It took four (4) hours to assemble the first box:


Even then, I still need to get the belly pouches onto the Jäger. You can see the pouches in the lower left of the pic.

My compliments to those of you who like to model with plastic. This was tedious work, made bearable only by the CWF interview with Henry Hyde that was my listening companion.

Anyway, I’m beat and my eyes hurt even though I was using my brand new, nifty Ott High Definition Craft Light with magnifier. So, now I’m sipping a nice Sangiovese wine that reminds me of our trip to Tuscany.

And then I remembered the REST of the lead pile. I completely forgot about the three boxes of Warlord Games Landwehr. I think I need to decide on which units soon!


Now I just need for all the new Perry and Warlord goodies to arrive at the US distributor, Architects of War, to REALLY put me behind the curve!


Fitz-Badger said...

That's one reason I'm not fond of a lot of the new plastics, the assembly. My hat is off to anyone who has the patience for it!

Ed said...

One thing I have in abundance is patience--except when it comes to my hobby!

Painting, assembling, building terrain--all of them try me to the limit. Funny, I enjoy the research.

So, my Journey to Waterloo started today with 46 little steps. I must admit that looking over at the other two boxes is NOT encouraging right now! But I will get there.

I hope... :)

Martin said...

Hi Ed,

Long time no hear!

Now, now Ed, even the mightiest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that stood its ground. Keep plugging away at it and you'll be amazed at the progress you make.

I find that it helps to work up an OPFOR at the same time, so that individual/small unit skirmishes, company actions, and eventually "large battles" on the tabletop can help maintain interest, rather than just admiring the completed units on their shelves.

All the best,


Ed said...

Hi Martin,

Yep, journey of 1000 miles starts with a step, mighty oak, etc. etc.

I do have quite the OPFOR to face the Prussians: two French infantry divisions with a brigade of light cav, brigade of dragoons, and one cuirassier regiment. Oh, and about that many Italians/Bavarians/Confederation too!

So no need to not play, although I am interested in trying out Song of Drums and Shakos or Sharp Practice along the way.


CWFGameCast said...

Ed, I'm glad you liked the interview. Henry is a fantastic chap. He'll be on my show again. I think the next time he comes on he plans to interview me. Now that's really turning the tables. Thank you for the linkback. That has introduced me to your blog. It is very nice! Keep up the good work.