Monday, September 19, 2011

Raising an army takes time

It has been since June 25th??! Really? Yikes!

During this time I have managed to play several games of The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game at the new GW store. Thanks to all involved, especially Charlie and Art. I won a game, too!

LOTR motivated me to finish a few figures to have a completely painted, 500 point army. I got four (4) whole figures done! What, you want proof?

Four heroes

I have also been plodding on the Prussians. I have to admit:  those of you out there that crank out dozens and scores of figures? I have no idea how you do it.

I don’t like painting, even though I love fielding a force that I have painted myself. I can even get into “the groove” on occasion and get some serious painting done. But not right now.

I tried to do production-line painting, but that was just depressing. So I am now working on the Prussians in 8 figure blocks. I have 16 complete and have just finished putting black on the next group, which includes the command figures. I had to stop because I was getting tired and sloppy. Still, I am progressing, if slowly.

Prussians in the cue

I also took an evening to assemble and prime a box of plastic Warlord Landwehr. You can see them here with the completed Perry figures.

Complete and Landwehr

I primed them with ArmyPainter Navy Blue, as in the article on the Warlord site. I think they are not dark enough blue, but will see when they are done.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully more interesting stuff in the (near) future!


Martin said...

Hi Ed!

Long time no hear! It's good to know that you haven't fallen off the edge of the world. If it makes you feel better, I will admit that your painted miniature output still beats mine.

I think/hope that my painting mojo will return when HAT Industrie releases the first of their SYW Range: Prussian infantry in their Marching, Action, and Command
boxes, before too much longer. They've cleverly added "hat options" for Grenadiers, Musketeers, and Fusiliers.

Keep plugging away, but don't make a chore of it.

Fitz-Badger said...

I hear you on the painting. I do enjoy painting miniatures, but not large numbers of the same figure, and my output is not fast either. I also don't tend to paint much in the long hot summer here (still topping 100 degrees most days).

Ed said...

Sigh. Way too long. Where DOES the time go??

Fitz--"only" 93 here today. Saw a gent in the gym wearing a sweater. Seriously!

I keep asking myself (without a conclusive answer as of yet): which would I enjoy having more, a large army painted by someone else or a smaller force painted by myself.

Actually, I have some pretty large collections from others at this point. I could call that quits and start on the other idea.