Sunday, April 1, 2012


Generalmajor Norris looked up with a surprised and bemused expression. He focused on the hussar lieutenant and asked,

"Who? Is doing WHAT?!"

"Sir, the ReichsArmee Brigade attached to the Corps du Vin, which in turn is attached to Marshal Soubise, is moving up and demonstrating on our border. And they've got that old fire-eater, Graf Malthus, with them. They seem to think we are supporting the Germanian army and that they could get some exercise while covering their flank."

"Exercise? I'll exercise them all the way back to Vienna if they cross the border. Any sign of Homburgers with them?"

"No sir, although the rest of the Gallian corps is not very faraway."

Norris thought a moment, then pulled a map out of his pocket.

"Very well. Get a fresh horse and move on to Fedora and inform His Excellency. Please inform the Landgraf that I have taken the precaution of moving..." Norris ran his finger down the map, "Regiments von Earle and von Spade, the Hussars, and my jägers to observe their 'demonstration.' We will move via Königstor and will be there by Tuesday."

"Yes sir. Report to Landgraf Bogey and you are moving two battalions,the Hussars and jägers to Königstor by Tuesday. Anything else, sir?"

"Good job, lieutenant. But one question: how did you find all this out?"

A wry grin spread across the hussar's face. "Well, sir, I, umm, ahh,had a drink with Fürst Werther, sir, son of the Duke of Saxe-Märchen. He is VERY enthusiastic, if perhaps a bit indiscreet."


freecloud said...

Young Werther could be very sorry :)

freecloud said...

Had a thought by the way. I was planning to do a German brigade for my British army (see here),

....and I see that Fedora is based on Brunswick, and as I was planning to do the Hussars and Jagers I could easily build a few Fedoran battalions so could play out some games here between us - maybe using your Game flowchart in your previous post.

If you want to play out some games there even better!

I could easily run it up first

Ed said...

That sounds very interesting. Of course you are welcome to have a Fedoran flavor to your games. How do you propose going about it?