Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

I decided that I want to try blogging on a regular basis. So I decided that fortnightly seemed about right.

What to write about?

I played a demo game of the new version of GW's Warhammer Fantasy Battles yesterday. Titled Age of Sigmar, it is the new game set in the post-Apocalyptic GW universe.

To me the game plays a lot like the GW Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, only without any interesting "fluff." My reaction was a definite, "Meh." The figures themselves show an amazing amount of detail--too bad the detail is on figures that are quite definitely of no interest to me.

Then I looked at the downloads to make old figures compatible with the new game. Umm...double meh.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but GW lost me a few years ago. I refer any reader that has made it this far to my old post on the blog Ray and I share:  Ten Years of Dabbling in Warhammer

I recently received a batch of painted figures from a service that I regularly use. Sadly, this batch was short 24 mounted figures, and the infantry suffered from several shortcomings. I am at least partially to blame, as I had become accustomed to a level of service that didn't require micromanaging by myself. Mea culpa.

On another front, though, I have contracted with a new painting service (which I will name later upon receipt of figures) in order to reduce my lead pile. The service is VERY knowledgeable and communication has been great. I hope to post pictures very soon.

The last thing I will mention today is a company that makes bases and movement trays. Shogun Miniatures is a great service.

Years ago, Ray and I agreed to base all of our 25/28mm figures on 20mm squares for foot and 25mm x 50mm bases for mounted. Then we use sabots or movement trays to work with different rule sets. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made in wargaming.

Shogun makes outstanding steel movement trays in a huge variety of sizes. They also have some very good magnetic bases. Please look them up and give them a try if you need anything like this. Tell them Ed from Texas referred you.

Cheers. Time to go try to keep the spaniels calm as the locals fire off a gazillion fireworks.

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