Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Landgrafin’s Fusiliers

It has been widely known for some time that Her Excellency Landgrafin Loren has been expressing an interest in the country’s military establishment. Unable to directly influence her husband or the military, she has decided to use her family’s not inconsiderable wealth to raise and equip her own regiment.

The unit is organized in a manner unlike those of the “regular” establishment. The Landgrafin and her advisors scientifically determined the structure of the regiment, rather than simply accept military traditions. They settled on a structure of twos, as can be seen from this chart:

Zug (60 sergeants and men, 1 lieutenant)
Company (2 züge, 1 captain)
Division (2 companies, 1 major)
Battalion (2 divisions, 1 lieutenant colonel plus one grenadier company)
Regiment (2 battalions, 1 colonel)

So, a battalion has 2 divisions, or 4 companies, or 8 züge, for a total of 480 men, plus staff.

The grenadier companies are organized in the same manner as the line fusiliers, with the regiment’s two companies commanded by a grenadier major. Theoretically, as the scientific precision of this system becomes recognized by the hide-bound generals they will adopt the superior organization for the main army.

In an attempt to impose Her Excellency’s ideas on the army, the official title of the new unit is the Normal-Infanterie-Regiment, which translated from the German means “The Infantry Regiment which sets the Norm,” or more precisely “the Model Infantry Regiment.” In day-to-day use, it is usually referred to as “the Landgrafin’s Fusiliers.”

For uniform, the Landgrafin wanted a uniform distinctive from musketeers of the line. A green coat was adopted, as Her Excellency is quite convinced that her soldiers would be just as capable as that parvenu General Norris’ jägers in any situation. However, she picked a shade slightly lighter, and added burgundy distinctives and cream small clothes. A fusilier mitre was chosen as giving the soldiers an improved martial stature, without insulting the sartorial prerogatives of the grenadiers.


Ed Youngstrom said...

I'm not sure yet whether or not to do this first fictional unit with RSM95 figures or Frank's gorgeous Minden Miniatures.

What do you think?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I think that the unit uniform looks very good. I don't know if Frank has fusilier figures or not (but I suspect that he does).

Of course, I'm partial to RSMs myself . . . although the Minden Miniatures do look awfully nice.

-- Jeff

Ed Youngstrom said...


Frank certainly has fusiliers and grenadiers:


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello Ed,

Your choice of uniform colors is very good!

Best Regards,


abdul666 said...


the Landgrafin’s Fusiliers look *great*! Compliments to the Landgrafin for her taste.

Then I remember Jeff's warning about infantry in green: be sure they 'emerge' / 'surface' enough from the green of the base. How modern this unit may be intended to be, it would be rather embarrasing to it to blend in the landscape as 21st C. Special Forces! I feel the burgundy distinctives and cream small clothes will be sufficient to have the regiment clearly distinct from the grass (though this colors combo is reminding several current camo patterns, e.g. the Belgian one -which may well be the original idea!), but what about white gaiters? Suitable only for parades according to de Saxe, uncommon by then in German countries, and already rather oldfashioned; but on the other end black gaiters tend to 'darken' / 'dull' the unit seen from a distance on the tabletop. Was this sreally the wish of the Landgrafin?

"this first fictional unit": I noticed this 'premiere', and for me greatly appreciate that Hess-Fedora takes the plunge! Xhat abiut their flag(s). Hopefully other 'purely Hesse-Fedorian' units will follow...


Fitz-Badger said...

Beautiful uniforms! Compliments to the Landgrafin. :-)

abdul666 said...

The binary system of the Normal-Infanterie-Regiment is 'advanced / progressive' indeed -so modern in fact that it reflects the organization of the Colonial Marines (Aliens)!

Sorry for thr mistypings in previous comment: I was typing at the light from the monitor only, at was locally an advanced hour of the night...

Ed Youngstrom said...

I use a base that is not green on my figures. It is textured and brown, with off-white highlights and flock with a touch of static grass. I think they will look great!

Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the uniform colors that you have selected for this regiment. I'd go with the new Minden figures, as much as I like RSM, a beautiful regiment should have the best figures.

Ed Youngstrom said...

And I "just happen" to have a full 60+ figure battalion headed my way from Frank...

Did I mention the box o' lead that arrived from RSM today??

And MillenniumCon tomorrow!! Happy miniatures weekend!

Snickering Corpses said...

Very nice design, Ed! They're quite impressive. I look forward to seeing them painted someday :)

Frank said...

I hope we will get to see pictures of the new 60 man regiment when it is painted Ed :-)