Monday, November 19, 2007

Troops for Big Battalions in Texas

You may know about our planned Big Battalions game at next year's Millennium Con (if not, see

Here is the current order of battle that I will be bringing to that effort.

Germanian Column
1st Brigade
Infantry Regiment von Itzenplitz (IR 13), 48 figures
Infantry Regiment Prinz von Preussen (IR 18), 48 figures
Infantry Regiment Alt-Braunschweig (IR 5), 48 figures
2nd Brigade
Infantry Regiment Jung-Kleist (IR 9), 48 figures
Infantry Regiment Prinz Heinrich (FR 35), 48 figures
Infantry Regiment Alt-M├╝nchow (FR 36), 48 figures
3rd Brigade
1st Grenadier Battalion (13/18/5/20), 48 figures
2nd Grenadier Battalion (35/36/GR3/GR4/NGR), 48 figures
Cavalry Brigade
Cuirassier Regiment von Seydlitz (CR 8) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Dragoon Regiment von Schorlemer (DR 6) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Hussar Regiment von Puttkamer (HR 4) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
2 x 12pdr with limbers
2 x 6pdr with limbers

Imperial Column
1st Brigade
Infantry Regiment Neipperg (IR 7) (48 figures)
Infantry Regiment Salm-Salm (IR 14) (48 figures)
Infantry Regiment Gaisruck (IR 42) (48 figures)
2nd Brigade
Infantry Regiment Kaiser (IR 1) (48 figures)
Infantry Regiment Moltke (IR 12) (48 figures)
Infantry Regiment Esterhazy (IR 37) (48 figures) (Hungarian)
3rd Brigade
1st Grenadier Battalion (7/14/42/52), 48 figures
2nd Grenadier Battalion (1/12/37), 36 figures
1st Cavalry Brigade
Cuirassier Regiment Alt-Modena (CRiii) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Cuirassier Regiment Serbelloni (CR12) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Converged Horse Grenadiers (DR9/19/31/X) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
2nd Cavalry Brigade
Dragoon Regiment Zweibrucken (DRX) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Dragoon Regiment Savoy (DR 9) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
Dragoon Regiment Prinz de Ligne (DR31) (2 sqd, 24 figures)
2 x 12pdr
2 x 6pdr
2 x 3pdr

Gallian Column
1st Brigade
Infantry Regiment Conde, 48 figures
Infantry Regiment La Sarre, 48 figures
2nd Brigade
Cavalry Regiment Rougrave, 12 figures
Cavalry Regiment Royal Allemand, 12 figures
2 x 6pdr

Hesse-Fedoran Column
Avantgarde Brigade

Grenadier Battalion von Dobbs, 48 figures
Fusilier Regiment Landgrafin, 60 figures
J├Ągerkorps von Norris, 30 figures
Hussar Regiment von Steele (2 sqd, 24 figures)
1st Brigade
Infantry Regiment Leib, 48 figures
Infantry Regiment von Spade, 48 figures
Infantry Regiment von Blaine, 48 figures
Infantry Regiment von Earle, 48 figures
2nd Brigade
Garde de Corps (1 sqd, 12 figures)
Karabinier Regiment von Marlowe(2 sqd, 24 figures)
Dragoon Regiment von Gunn (2 sqd, 24 figures)
4 x 3pdr

Electorate of Weisspferdheim Column
1st Brigade
Weisspferdheim Leibgarde (2 sq)
Herzog von Beverforden (2 sq)
Der Blauens (2 sq)
2nd Brigade
Weiss Hussars (2 sq)
Rot Hussars (2 sq)

This unit may make it, if I can recruit the units up to strength. However, they are low on the priority list:

Brittanian Column
1st Brigade
11th Foot (1 bn)
20th Foot (1 bn)
37th Foot (1 bn)
Grenadier Battalion (11/20/37)
2 x 6pdr

Almost everthing above is already painted, except the Landgrafin's Fusiliers. I also want to add a Hesse-Homburg column of 4 infantry units (54 figures each plus grenadiers), 2 each cuirassier and dragoon regiments of two squadrons (total, 24 figures per regiment) and artillery.

That's all. :)


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm "blown away" by the quantity of painted figures in thses Big Battalions that you already have.

Very impressive, sir. Very impressive.

-- Jeff

PS, now can we see pictures?

Ed Youngstrom said...

Thanks Jeff. They are amalgamated 24-figure units from my 30:1 collection, procured over the last 10 years.

abdul666 said...



Ike said...

Wow! That's a lot of paint there! And I felt proud of myself 'cause I just ordered three foot battalions worth of RSM figures. Hah!!

That's great, Ed. Do you have any photos of these armies? Seeing them on parade would be a mind-boggling sight.

Ed Youngstrom said...

Actually, I was planning on some kind of "pass in review."

Maybe this weekend between cooking and decorating!

Oh, wait, that's when I was going to paint...

Fitz-Badger said...

Is that all? (Wow is right! Looking forward to pics - in review and at the big battle I hope).

abdul666 said...

the Electorate of Weisspferdheim is totally new for me: as a respite from painting, what about telling us more about it?

And what about Hesse-Homburg (which, I've been told, absorbed Gauchestein in the same way Hesse-Fedora aborbed Ostphalia?


P.S.: of course that's a tremendous collection of 'historicals': for me I hope that, after taking the plunge with the Landgrafin's Fusiliers, you'll carry on, at least 'part-time', with fictitious uniforms?

Ed Youngstrom said...


The Electorate of Weisspferdheim is Robert Piepenbrink's creation. Robert is on OSW on Yahoo, and these are the 5 regiments on loan.

As to more troops and countries...let me get the Landgrafin's done first!! :)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Photos, man, photos! Please, some photos (drool, drool, slobber, slobber).

Best Regards,


Der Alte Fritz said...

Holy Cats Batman! I didn't realize that you already had so many figures. This looks like it will rival my Big Battalion game back in Octobe. I am very impressed.

Are you "pushing units together" or are you rebasing them for BAR?