Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two pictures to whet the appetite

Germania's IR18 is currently reorganizing to the BAR doctrine, as seen in these photos. These are Foundry figures painted by John Price.
You may be surprised just how much the ImagiNations fraternize during the "off season." In the background, you can see the Imperium's IR Salm-Salm as it enters the area for reorganization!


abdul666 said...

A great, exciting vision indeed!

But for me I confess to be a little satiated of 'historicals', specially of 'overpopular' armies.
(What about Venice, Napoli or the Dutch and Spanish *oversea* troops?)
As I by 18 I was oversatiated with Napoleonics, the one & only topic dealed with in French mags by then..

Wish to see the Landgrafin's Fusiliers!

Best regards,

Ed Youngstrom said...


I understand what you mean. That's why the Fedorans are based on the Brunswickers, and my Napoleonic corps contains an entire Confederation of the Rhine division.

I have Eureka Dutch and Saxon figures on well as loads of others...and have also been considering some Spanish.

At the scale of BAR, a brigade sized force of 2-4 battalions and 2-4 squadrons with a gun or two makes for a nice project.

But since I have all these lovely historicals, and a game to put on, they will be getting attention.

I'm also really liking the gaming possibilities of Norris' Avant Garde brigade: jagers, grenadiers, hussars, and the Landgrafin's Finest!! The historical von Kleist is going to be "green" with envy!

Ed v. H-F

Fitz-Badger said...

I look forward to hearing/seeing more about "Norris' Avant Garde brigade: jagers, grenadiers, hussars, and the Landgrafin's Finest".

tidders said...

Nice figs, the bases are a little thick for my taste.

-- Allan

Ed Youngstrom said...

Yes, they are a touch thick. But en masse, on a movement tray, you don't notice.

And the thinner ones are MUCH more expensive, and I've not really had good luck with metal.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice looking unit. It's a good start and bound to serve as inspiration for doing the rest.

Ike said...

Ah, unit re-constitution is so tedious but it is likewise rewarding. Rich has informed me that my RSM order on enroute and I can hardly wait! Your figures are wonderfully painted and I hope to do half as well.