Thursday, March 13, 2008

How NOT to prepare for a game convention

Monday it rained here in San Antonio; the first substantial rain in months.

If you live in the desert, you know that after an extended period without rain, things are VERY slick when it finally does rain.

And so, despite this knowledge, when I attempted to descend the tile staircase at work after lunch on Monday, my feet took a different route to the bottom than I had intended: over my head.

After landing on my back right ribs and before bouncing the last 8 or 9 steps, I lacerated my right elbow. The doctor took one look at the road rash on my ribs, poked once or twice to see how high I jumped, and pronounced "at least 3 broken ribs."

Fortunately, the X-rays showed no fractures at all (although apparently rib fractures frequently don't show up). So after 3 days on pain pills, I have returned to the gaming prep, albeit having lost all of the "cushion" I had built up over the weekend.

So, while everything is drying tonight, I will return to "better living through chemistry" and hope to finish it all tomorrow night. The game WILL go on, but some of the troops may not be quite as "finished" as I had planned.

Cheers, (ouch...darn elbow!)



Bluebear Jeff said...


Having suffered a nasty fall last year (although yours sounds worse), I very much sympathize with you.

Take it easy, my friend. There is no need to rush. And remember to pack your pain pills (although don't drive while on them).

Remember too that you are doing this for fun. Don't overdo. Take it easy and enjoy things as much as you can.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Oh Ed,

Good Lord! I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was, though it sounds(and no doubt feels) bad enough. You only got a 4.5 from the Romanian Judge, and may have to repeat your patented "Death Spiral" movement to make it into the Semi-Finals. Hope your recovery is swift and complete.



Fitz-Badger said...

Ouch! Take care and get better soon!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Ow! Ed, I hope you are feeling a bit less bruised this morning. You were actually very lucky it sounds. The fall could have been much worse. Take care and enjoy the upcoming convention.

Best Regards,


andygamer said...

My sympathies, especially as I slipped on a thin layer of wet ice on my porch a few weeks ago, falling flat on my back. (Although it just knocked the wind of out me and, oddly enough, pulled some rib muscles on the front of my body while my back was fine!) And best wishes for catching up on your project.

Ed Youngstrom said...

Thanks for the thoughts, guys. As you will soon see, the game went off as a total success.

More to follow this evening.


Gallia said...

OUCH. I hope all is getting better fast.
Kindest Regards,

Der Alte Fritz said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your injury, and just before a big convention, oh my! Get well soon.