Sunday, May 9, 2010

A gaming table!!

There has not been a lot to report over the last few months, but hopefully I can start adding some interesting bits over the coming weeks.

Ray and I have been bit by the Perry plastic Napoleonics bug, and I've also been investing in the start of a French Revolution collection from the marvelous Eureka Miniatures range.

But the exciting news (for me at any rate) is the installation of a gaming table. A friend of mine built a rough 4 foot by 8 foot table for his children in their play room, but now that they are teenagers he dismantled it and gave it to me. For a couple years, I had it in the garage, where it was used for gaming purposes exactly twice: the solo run through of the BAR rules known as the Battle of Konigstor and then again when I paraded the troops for the Big Battle SYW game a couple years ago.

But now I rearranged our upstairs "bonus room" and found space for the table in front of the windows! Hurrah! A permanent game table:

I am going to set up the table to play some learning scenarios for the various rules I have purchased lately. I am going to use the scenario Clarence posted for Republic to Empire.

I don't have Spanish, so I will probably use my Portuguese brigade as a stand-in. The scenario is intended for a 4 x 4, but I threw out a table-full of scenery just because I could! I does show that I need to get some 25mm battalion-scale hills, though.

Here's a couple other pics for fun: